A Short Story.

Growing up I never thought about coding or majoring in computer science, however I could always spend hours (which felt like minutes) trying to make something more creative. Instead of using power point I wanted to use Prezi because I loved how you can make your own little world manipulating elements and creating your own design. I’d spend hours upon hours as my think pad laptop tried to keep up with my brain thinking of new ways to vividly convey the message and information I’ll be dispersing to my classmates the next morning. Even when I had no idea what I was doing at the time I guess my goal inherently has always been to create breath taking design thats functional and fun to use. When looking back in my life I’m so glad I stepped out on faith, and this drives me to continue to excel as a design developer who just so happens to make YouTube videos every once in a while to inspire others to chase there dreams as well. Ultimately, my biggest satisfaction in life is giving back, making people smile, and reaching back as I reach up to bring others with me along this journey of life.